The final grant cycle for the Talkington Foundation will end on September 1, 2017.  The Talkington Foundation is in the process of sunsetting and this will be the final grant cycle.  

Please submit 5 copies of your Grant Request prior to 5 p.m. on Friday, September 1, 2017.   
Below are the forms regarding grants and their associated guidelines.
Please note that the Grant Summary should be the first page of any Grant Request submitted.

You may click on one of the links below and print a form out from your browser or right-click on the link and save it to your computer to print out later.
Grant Applicants must submit five (5) copies of a Grant Request to:

The J.T. and Margaret Talkington Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Attn: Kacey Stevens
5010 University Avenue, Suite 300
Lubbock, TX 79413

* Applicants may mail the 5 copies of the Grant Request to the above address or may deliver them in person to Ms. Stevens at the law offices of Baker, Brown & Thompson, P.C. at 5010 University Ave., Suite 433, Lubbock, TX. 

Within twelve (12) months of receipt of funds, Grant Recipients must submit five (5) copies of a Grant Evaluation Report to the address above.